Friends of Soul


Words from McCall about some of her soul friends and how they help us on the way.

McCall and Heather, Jasper Beach Healing Retreat, Maine 2018

McCall and Heather, Jasper Beach Healing Retreat, Maine 2018

Heather Maclean

Spiritual Guidance, energy work, and healing

Besides getting to walk with her as friend and spiritual partner for the past eight years, Heather has been my “healer on retainer” —the secret weapon in my back pocket when I need some kind of shamanic, soul, and energetic healing that I can’t quite reach on my own. I recommend her if you feel in need of guidance and support on the path, even if you’re not quite sure what you need, but you know you need something. She’s so tuned-in to the energy of it all, she’ll find just the thing. That’s part of Heather’s magic.

Brian andreas and Flying Edna

art, books, & stories illuminating the magic of soul in Everyday LIfe

Meeting and walking in soul with Brian Andreas (Pen name for Kai Skye) was one of the loveliest blessings that came out of my personal Second Half of the Mountain journey. Seeing him and his partner Fia live into their new lives and work together now is a joy and wonder to behold. Flying Edna is where you’ll find their gold.



Kat LehMann

Words for finding your inner light, even in the dark

Only one who lives all phases of the journey so fully can write such poignant and insightful poetry about it. Kat’s “soul sister” friendship and award winning books are faithful companions of mine because she speaks to every part and phase of the inner growth cycles, welcoming all into the whole. No matter where you find yourself on the path, her words can help you connect with your own inner light on the journey of ever unfolding.

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