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What happens when you've done all you know how to do, the paved paths end, and you still feel like you're missing something? The Second Half of the Mountain offers a practical and magical approach to recognizing and working with the deeper and often-confusing inner processes that happen after awakening. In this guidebook, McCall Erickson combines bits of personal story with the timeless building blocks of alchemy to outline the journey for the awakened traveler through the dark nights of the soul and beyond, not as "the way," but as a guide to help you make your own way where it sometimes feels there is no way.

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Reader Reviews

This book provided the missing peace (piece) I have been searching for since my awakening. No BS. No trendy spirituality. Just unadorned wisdom that helped me into the next phase.
— JW, Amazon Review
The book was an affirming read for me, making tangible so many things intangible, and shining clarity on so many ambiguous and murky areas. I love the structure and radical acceptance the author has given this journey that can most times feel as if it’s just a private dysfunction in a world where everyone else seem to have it together and know what to do with their lives. It all comes down to radically accepting your aloneness. Ultimately, there is no escape from yourSelf. For many, this lifetime is apparently the lifetime in which you grapple with entering and embodying that Self. You can doubt that so many times on the journey, but your book makes it clear that this is the way, the truth and the life.

It’s never pleasant to outgrow our’s a stark, rather despairing journey, but life always has enough magical moments, synchronicity, winks from the universe, and glimpses of the bliss of Being up its sleeve to keep us going. I loved what the author wrote about the Tao, the eye of the storm that you balance into to ride the wave of everyday, simply sensing the way the wind is blowing NOW.

This book is one of those books, like Franz Kafka says, ‘A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us’. It was comforting, clarifying and edifying, and I enjoyed (and sometimes wept with) its words, the exquisite and tender showing of the ropes around the second half of the mountain.
— MR, Review from Amazon India
The love put into the writing of this book is astounding. I can only read one or two pages at a time because I’m met with a flood of ideas and things that resonate, and I just want to sit with them and see how they’re incorporated into my life. I can honestly say that nearly everything I’ve been experiencing is approached directly in this book without redundancy or oversimplification, and that alone is so instructive to see in front of my eyes while I read. On top of that, her no-bullshit voice is really refreshing to see in a spiritual context. I’ll probably reread this one a few times over.
— MCD, Amazon Review