Soul Strength Rising

Last week, I got challenged to the core. I came upon something smack dab in the middle of my path I felt I just could possibly do. I resisted, stomped, wailed, screamed, cried out in broken heartache and grief pain...

And then, my soul rose up to meet me saying, "Yes. You can do this. Because you have to, and you know it."

And that made me feel brave.

Because, well... I truly had nothing left to lose. I'd tried all other available means of avoiding moving around what I knew I HAD to do.

And quite frankly, when I leaned into the task, my soul strength rising to meet me really surprised me.

(This isn't the first time.)

When we get called upon to do the "impossible," we get a chance to see what we're made of beyond what we comfortably know we're made of.

We see what there is for us beyond the preconceived notions, the self-imposed limitations, the labels (oh, the fucking labels!), the boxes, the lines, the well-worn paths.

Smaller parts of us break so bigger parts of us can rise up.




Yeah, it hurts to be challenged to the core, to have heart after heart broken, to fall and fail again and again, to have layers and illusions stripped away. We think we can't do it. We feel weak in the flesh.

But given the chance, soul will rise to meet us, to help us do what we think we cannot do, to show us the more (and more) layers of ourselves that are real and true and lasting and... deeply fulfilling.

And n o t h i n g quite compares to that.

No cheap, faux, generic knock-off strength can ever replace true soul strength rising.

And I want that deeply fulfilling, true, rare, soul source. I want to see what I'm made of beyond what I'm made of.

So, I'm in. As much as it can hurt sometimes, I'm in.