Nothing At All

“Dear soul, if you were not friends with the vast nothing inside, why would you always be casting your net into it, and waiting so patiently?” –Rumi

When the last tear falls

when the last sun goes down

when no stone is left unturned

in the cold cold ground

When I've done all I can

at the end of every rope

and I'm floating, I'm falling

with nothing to hold

I will hold

to nothing at all

Nothing at all

nothing at all

nothing at all

nothing at all

Oh it's clear and it's pure

and it's free where I fall

into nothing at all

When you kiss my lips

I forget just who I am

and the sky is the ground

and we fly where we stand

And who we were once before

and all we thought we believed

now the only thing that stands between

you and me and everything

is nothing at all


How many times have I been afraid

of the empty, the empty space

beyond all the not quites,

the almosts, the maybes

the times I thought it was my time

isn't this my time, this time, this time

Let me fall or watch me fly

it's all the same to me now

through it all I'm living anyhow

in this nothing

there's room for everything

the flying, the falling, and the all            

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