Holy F%&king Blog!

Welp, here I am... BLOGGING. You just never know where your heart is gonna lead you. And yeah yeah yeah I started out with the intent for this blog to be private, but shit changes, ya know? And quite frequently, too.

So here we are. Here's my blog. My new venue for posts, musings, stories, ideas, and and and ...... SONGS! Omg! SONGS! I am super duper excited to start sharing some of the new songs I've been birthing over the past couple years.

And while we're at it, I just thought I'd get the fuck word out of the way right off the bat. And I DO mean holy fuck. I just love how fuck cuts through the crap to what's REAL underneath. I love how it levels things out, deflates the pretense, makes me laugh, helps me not take myself so seriously, brings me the forward-moving energy I need when I need it. It's so giving. I just love the holiness of it that way. Sigh.

Okay, so here we go. You ready for a ride? Feel free to sign yourself up for email notifications of my posts over there to the right, take a peek around, and introduce yourself in the comments so I know you're here. C'mon... don't be shy!

I'll be posting as Spirit compels me to do so. Get ready for some holy shit, my soulster peeps, because I aim to bring you REAL, soul-filled, piercing content that meets your deeper longings. Oh, and let's throw some laughter in there too. Because laughter is like fuck. It also cuts through the pretense to what is real and true underneath.

So, let's give this thing a good solid GO, shall we?