Good Company


There are times I will tell you

I don't know if I have any faith left,

that I have fallen too hard and lost too much

to believe in much of anything anymore,

that it hurts too much to go on.

But then I keep doing this:

I put my shoes on, go outside, and walk.

And the ground is there to meet my every step

and the trees gather round me like brothers

and the sky pulls my deepest fears, my questions,

my longings out of me,

then twirls them up and around into a display

of Joni Mitchell clouds that

I have no choice but to look up and adore.

My head is cleared and my heart is lightened

and there is nothing but the song of the whistling treetops in my head

and I hear Rilke saying, being here is so much, and everything seems to need us in this fleeting world

and I hear David Whyte saying, everything everything everything is waiting for you

and I know I know I know

I am in good company.

***Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now

Rilke, The Ninth Elegy

David Whyte, Everything is Waiting for You