Funk It Out. (It's Temporary)

Foggy Boats.jpg

When things just aren't flowing, when you can't see clearly no matter which way you look, when even a conversation with your soul bestie doesn't help (and conversations with your soul bff always seem to do the trick), when you're in limbo and the funk persists for way longer than you feel is necessary, it's helpful to remember:

It's. Not. Always. About. You. might just need some chocolate.

Okay, really though. The "it's not always about you" thing can be hard to take in, especially for those of us with utmost willingness to take responsibility for our own paths. We're like "Just tell me what I need to do to shift this, and I'll get on that shit right away!"

Sometimes things going well or things not going well doesn't have much to do with us personally. There are larger unseen forces at play. Like the direction of the wind, The Tao, alchemical seasons and cycles, and astrology and shit like that. I mean, who knew that three planets forming a triangle, or mars in retrograde, or the current distance of the moon from the earth could actually affect the way things go in our personal lives down to things like smartphone malfunctions, motivation (or lack of it) to exercise, wonky sleeping patterns, or a kick-ass project you were enthusiastic about yesterday going stale today?

Now, let's get this straight... I'm not an astrologer. Most of the time, I kinda really don't care about my horoscope or what planets are in what position and how that might affect what time of day I get the urge to pee and yada yada. I'm not one to get stuck in labels and meanings and interpretations to say this happened this way for such and such reason.

I’m just saying there are forces larger than us at play here. And it's beneficial for me to stay open to that.

Plus, when I really need it, I'm not picky about where I find perspective. Or hope for that matter.

Which is precisely why when the funk persists for me (and many others around me at the same time, for surely that's a sign it's not just me), I look to other perspectives (like astrology and shit) that I may be forgetting about. Just to help myself not take myself so seriously. To give myself a bit of breathing room. And to get a little reminder that it's all t e m p o r a r y.

The wind changes direction sooner or later, now doesn't it?