If there is an edge

I will want to move closer to it,

as close as I can without falling into oblivion.

But I might, I might fall in.

If there is a chance of fucking it up, there's a good chance I'll have to try it.

A risk, I'll take it. A rule, I'll break it. A line, I'll cross it.

If there is a path already paved, I probably won't walk it.

But if there is a night, I will travel in its sky and although it might be a vulnerable thing to do,

I will leave a trail of stardust for anyone who wants to see all the places I got lost,

traveled too far in the wrong direction,

tried too hard for worn-out affection,

fizzled and burned,

a fallen star a missed connection,

a web of constellations.

A zig here, a zag there, and all the other ways

that add up to me always managing to find my way back to center and you.