Part of getting what you want is being smart enough to recognize it when it arrives. That’s something I say often to people I’m working with. And myself too. We work so hard. The fires of alchemy can burn so hot sometimes. And we learn to keep moving and growing through our pain. And then when the pain eases and the fog lifts, that brings another kind of challenge…owning the reward. Feeling the pleasure. Breathing in the air that has cleared.

Sometimes some of us are most likely to run when things get good.

And then that dang Paulo Coelho says things like, “Don’t be someone who searches and finds and then runs away,” and I kinda want to etch it into my kitchen table with a nail.

Why do we feel like we’re stealing something when it’s so good but not when it’s icky? Can we learn to breathe deeply in the good times the way we’ve learned to breathe through our painful times?

It’s definitely worth an effort.


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Stealing What’s Rightfully Mine written version originally published October 2012

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