And now for a continuation of last week’s post so you can know what we’re navigating when I say “Let the Navigation Begin”.

Soul Relationships

  • You are instantly drawn to someone and you’re not sure why. It’s like you know you know them from somewhere, even if it’s your first time meeting in this life.
  • Age, time, gender, and physical limitations don’t seem to matter. The love, the bond, the soul ties you have with another person transcend anything on this earthly plane.
  • You are deeply, profoundly changed and influenced by the interactions (physical/sexual or not) with another…whether the relationship “lasts” in the physical realm or not. The way I see it, soul mates are many. They come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.
  • Hmmm… there’s no existing box, label, or convention in society in which to place a connection/relationship you have with someone.

If any or all of the above strike a chord, you are most likely navigating the deeper waters of a Soul Relationship.

Soul Agreements

  • You can’t let go of someone and you’re not sure why. Flip side: you can’t stay with someone even when everything seems right for the staying and you’re not sure why.
  • Something within you keeps you (or keeps you from) saying, doing, or being a certain way with someone.
  • Some things about your Soul Relationship just seem to be “written in the stars” for that relationship, and some don’t.
  • You find yourself facing certain challenges, feelings, and/or experiences with a particular person that you don’t experience anywhere else.

Soul Agreements seem to be beyond the reach of our conscious minds. Like we made plans somewhere before this time to be here now doing this here now with this here person.

Soul Agreements and Soul Tests are closely related, and often intertwined. But while Soul Agreements are usually between you and another person, Souls Tests can either be with another person or most usually between you and your own soul.

Soul Tests

Maybe there are things we signed up for before this life, things that our souls so badly wanted to gain out of this life. Maybe we wrote our own tests so that we could achieve those things. And maybe our conscious thinking minds aren’t always privy to why we wrote those tests. There’s the rub right there, isn’t it? So then, our work becomes to maintain, explore, and deepen the connection with our deeper soul selves so we can figure out what purpose (test) there is for us when shit happens.

  • Someone you thought you’d be with for life leaves or dies.
  • You have strange unexplained and/or reoccurring illnesses.
  • You face a trauma, a failure, an unexpected life change.
  • For unexplained reasons you are kept in challenging job or living situations past your “reasonable” time frame or limit.
  • Other BFD (big fucking deal) life things that don’t always immediately make sense.

When these things happen, well, first of all, it’s fucking hard. And it hurts. Bad. And second of all, we most likely have soul tests wrapped up in them. And the task is for us to connect with our deepest soul truth each step through the refining fire of that particular “test” so we come out better than before. Each test passed = evolution for our souls. Psst… our souls WANT to evolve.

Okay, so that is what we are navigating here in the second half of the mountain, in soul territory. And again, I’m honored to be here sharing what I’ve learned along the way.

See you around, brave soul. You matter.


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