Somewhere In Between

Did I say too much
did I cross the line
in the name of love
did I step out of time

Where do two hearts meet
somewhere in between
or on the edge of truth
it’s not always what it seems

Where the river meets the ocean
and the ocean meets the sky
the way we run until we fall
the way we fall
fall until we fly

You know I would do anything
just to help you shine
except go against
you know I will not go against this heart of mine

So I won’t break your fall
and I won’t toe your line
it’s gonna be your own truth, darling
that gets you through this time


It’s not that I don’t love you anymore
it’s that I love you different than before
I love you even more and more


Hold on
hold on
hold on
hold on
hold on

Somewhere In Between
© 2011 McCall Erickson
All rights reserved

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