To be honest with you, I have no f r e a k i n g clue how I’m gonna write this post. I mean, there’s sooooo much I could say here in Part 3 on soul. BAH!

I’ve stared at this blinking cursor on the blank screen a couple nights in a row now, going to the kitchen for chocolate instead of writing and then coming back to the computer only to find myself an hour later having gone crazy pinning five million things on pinterest. Wtf? Yeah… about that blog post…

How does one possibly say what soul is in a measly little 3 part series on soul? (One doesn’t.) Reminds me of what Voltaire said: “Four thousand volumes of metaphysics will not teach us what the soul is.”

I mean, this is where things get really deep, vast, and sometimes tricky. Soul has its own plans for our lives, our relationships, our love, our passion, our truth, our direction, our commitment. Soul doesn’t really give a shit about rules and labels and expectations and where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing by the time you’re a certain age or whatever. Soul has its own agenda, its own map, its own blueprint jam packed full of memories, knowings and experiences from its entire existence. Blueprints full of agreements, tests, and sometimes unhealed wounds and fragmented parts of itself wanting to come home, and certain other things it wants to express through and gain from this being human, this being here right now.

So how the hell do we navigate all that? (This is where it makes me laugh to think I could ever get this all into one blog post.) How do we align with our soul’s truth when it seems to be telling us something other than what is logical? How do we make sense of a relationship that has no box or label or place in society? How do we reach into soul and heal what might still be torn or broken from before this life so that it doesn’t keep getting in our way in this life?

Let me explore those questions by saying this: I once had a stellar mentor who told me that any path could get me up the first half of the mountain. The second half I’d have to traverse on my own. Boy oh boy was she right. Self-help books, 7 steps to this or that, programs, paved roads, preconceived notions, conventional life paths, and most philosophies run out halfway up that goddamn mountain. So, if you are finding yourself anywhere near the second half of the mountain, this blog is for you. Welcome.

I can honestly say to you today that I feel myself a skilled, seasoned, joyful traveler of the second half of the mountain. And I’m committed in every blog post hereon after (and in every song I write and sing) to bringing you all that I know from experience about navigating soul relationships, agreements, tests, and “true path” up the second half of the mountain. I’m committed to sharing how I’ve found (and continue to find) my own way in hopes that it will help you find yours. Of course, my way will not be your way, but where I can light a candle or hold up a signpost as you’re finding your way, I will. This is part of my purpose now. To give back what has been given to me along my way.

So I guess you could say Part 3 of this Living with Soul series is really Part Endless, because there are oh so many posts to come on navigating this soul path thingy. Oh, yes…I do feel the posts stirring around and rising up. And I’m thrilled, honored, and excited to bring ’em to you.

Let the navigation begin!

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