I just love the stuff my cycling instructor spouts out during class sometimes. I mean, I’m sitting there on the bike, sweating my guts out, cursing under my breath, turn turn turning those pedals and she’s saying things like, “Add some more resistance! Change doesn’t come for free.” (Bitch!) And, “It’s always steepest at the top.” (Yeah whatever.) And today, my favorite, “Exercise is a lifestyle. It’s easier to maintain than to start, quit, and have to start all over again. So just keep going.” (I’m sorry I called you a bitch.)

She’s totally right.

What she said today goes for soul work, too. And it got me thinking about this Part 2 of the three-part blog post on soul I started for you peeps. (Read Part 1 here.) Because, one of the most consistent inquiries I get from people is along the lines of, “How do I connect with my intuition and the deeper parts of myself? How do I know what my voice, my truth even sounds or feels like, let alone what it is trying to say to me?”

Excellent inquiries, peeps!

Because the thing of it is, we aren’t exactly conditioned in our culture to know what our souls sound and feel like. I love how one of you readers commented that soul can be described as a “somewhat forgotten idea.”  And dammit, it’s time for a little remembering… for making the connection, now isn’t it?

Sure. But, how?

Well, my cycling instructor isn’t too far off. It takes daily maintenance. Until soul is no longer the forgotten part. Until soul leads. Until we trust the things-aren’t-always-what-they-seem way of soul more than we trust the logical things-are-only-what-they-appear-to-be-on-the-surface way of navigating through life.

So… daily maintenance. How?

Well, everyone is different. So I can only give you some ideas as starting points. But don’t just believe everything I say. After all, you are the expert on you.


  • Make Room

Everyday. Make room. Soul needs a portal to come through. This is why some people meditate. Or journal, or hike, or cycle, sing, paint, knit, stare at the clouds in the sky, plant flowers, whatever. Just something (anything!) to break your normal routine with the conscious intention to invite soul, intuition, and the deeper parts of you to speak.

Connecting with my soul in one of the tried and true ways that works for me.

Oh, and it’s quality over quantity for this one, so “I’m too busy” is the lamest excuse ever. (Pssst… start doing this consciously everyday, and pretty soon everything becomes a portal for soul and you don’t even have to try anymore! That’s what we’re aiming for here.)

  • Say No

Seriously. I know this takes practice and sometimes a great deal of negotiation (because we do have earthly responsibilities to tend to), but how the fuck do we expect to make the connection with our own souls if we give ourselves, our resources, and our time to people, places, and things that drain our energy? I’m sorry, but fuck that shit. Seriously. (You’d think I felt strongly about this one or something!) Don’t underestimate the power of saying no to what doesn’t jive with you so that you can say yes to what does.

  • Ask

So you make room and start saying no (and you make even more room for your soul by saying no to what does not feed your soul!) Sweet! Now what? Ask. What do you want to KNOW from your soul? Ask it! I mean, how can your soul speak to you if you don’t give it something to speak about? Strike up a conversation! Get specific. Take your pain, your desires, your questions, and your deepest longings to your soul’s table and lay it all out. And then…

  • Listen

I’ll fully admit this is the trickiest part. Because the universal language of the soul is not English. Plus, soul kinda does shit on its own timetable. So, the language of the soul is whatever it needs to be for you. Soul speaks through body signals (including repeated and unexplained illnesses etc), intuitions, gut feelings, knowings that come without any way of knowing, déjà vu, dreams, music, art, synchronicity, signs etc etc etc! I could go into lengthy detail about each one of these and how the soul uses them to speak to us. But for now, just know that your soul has its own way of reaching you. Will you make the effort to follow the clues and listen?

I know all of this is easier said than done, but if you even have so much as an ounce of true willingness to give these things a try, then you’re on the fast track to making (and maintaining) the connection with soul.

And if you’re on the fast track, things are probably already heating up for you. (I told you in Part 1 that soul sure can complicate things!) So, we’ll go further into detail in Part 3 about navigating soul relationships, soul agreements, soul tests, and the more advanced work that comes from living soulside out.

As always, I’m honored to be here on this journey with you, peeps.

Soul to soul,


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