Ah, my soul friends! I’m settling for a shorter post this week because I’ve given you a bulk of word-love to chew on these past few weeks. And because, I’ll admit, I’m busy playing, and I know lots of you are, too. I’m a sucker for all the outdoor adventure goodness that summer brings, so I’m soaking it up.

In the meantime, since it’s freedom week and all, let’s keep doing whatever the fuck it takes to maintain our spiritual, mental, and emotional freedom. Even when it’s hard. Even when we’re misunderstood. Even when it’s risky. Even when, even when, even when!

Freedom is harder than people think. I won’t sugar coat it and say it’s easy if you just follow your heart (cuz sometimes it’s not). But for all the loss, misunderstanding, crazy going, grief crying, heart breaking, mistake making, and fire refining, I still prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery any day. Some fierce and fearless part of my soul just c r a v e s that shit.

So, dangerous freedom, I’ll take another glass.

See you next week when I’ll most likely be back with a full post. I dunno for sure. I don’t make promises anymore, because promises mostly just enslave me. And because I never know what direction the wind will be blowing. ;)

C’est la vie!

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