What Is Alchemy?

Alchemy is the ancient art of turning base metals into gold. In terms of personal transformation, it’s turning the lead of self into the gold of spirit through the use of life’s raw experiences, trials, and wonders.

In essence, alchemy is learning how to transmute what is harmful within us into something helpful, ordinary into extraordinary, and painful into beautiful.

It is not a quick fix, a bypass, or a magic wand. It is a magic process, although sometimes it does not feel at all magical.

I can’t remember a time I wasn’t deeply engaged in living, learning, and writing about the processes of inner alchemy, but I entered a more official training and initiation with Spirit on the subject of alchemy a decade ago as it became clear to me that I’d be using my gifts and training to share what I learn along the way.

It’s important for me to note that I don’t study or teach alchemy as a prescribed way of living or even as a “way” at all, but as a context for deeper processes that are already happening in the soul, to make a way where you feel there is no way and to provide context for inner and outer experiences that might not be easily explained by current culture. Where the paved paths drop off, we will pick up.

Personalized Alchemy Consultation

Sixty minutes one-on-one with me via phone or Skype in which we will

  • explore your current alchemical process
  • create flow in energy in places where things have felt a little stuck
  • give you context for things you’ve been experiencing but haven’t been able to explain
  • provide images and elements to work with, pitfalls to avoid, and what to expect in the upcoming phases

This is designed to be a one-time consultation that can aid in your path and personal alchemy for months or even years to come. For those of you who have lived The Second Half of the Mountain, we will explore the alchemy that comes after that too.


  1. Use the form below to contact me and let me know that you have read and agreed to the terms outlined in the following disclaimer.
  2. I will get back to you within 24 hours to schedule your session.
  3. Fee is $150 USD and is due at time of scheduling using this link Pay for Alchemy Consultation

Gratitude for Alchemical Guidance

“You already know this, but I couldn’t have gotten where I am without you. I needed you and your wisdom and your courage and insight to get past my BLOCK! I was frustrated…and I was stuck…and I needed help, but I didn’t know what to ask for. You really listened to me with all your gifts and abilities and knew just where to push, where to let me be, and how to love me through it all.” -H. M.

“I can’t tell you how great it’s been getting to know alchemy with you. What you’ve written is exactly how I would have described what I was going through if I could have put words to it at the time. You’ve filled a gap that the doctors etc. couldn’t fill. So thanks for being around and being McCallish.” -A. M.

“A huge helping of gratitude and wonder (*shaking my head*) for sharing a soul language so familiar, energized, true and spot on. Reading your alchemy lessons was like reading the next chapter of a very old and magical book (and skipping ahead a bit because it is so fucking addictive and I can’t get enough!) written in my native tongue and for which I have been cramming for eons. How did you know?!”
-J. L.

“I’m so blown away by what you’ve put together for me. The entire way through I found myself saying: yes, yes yes & YES! I feel such a deep sense of satisfaction to have received guidance from someone who understands my current process SO deeply. I mean seriously, you GET IT. You very much illuminated much of what my intuition has told me about the process and spoke it in a way that allowed me to really absorb and trust it very deeply. Immensely valuable.” -S. V.

Need a better feel before you dive in?

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