The Mystical Version

These things always give me a bit of trouble. How do you say the unsayable, write the unwriteable, reach the unreachable?

The only way I felt like I could be who I came to be in this world is when I finally stopped trying to reach for ways to understand and define it.

But reach I do, and try I will! And again and again too, because that is part of the human journey. All the beautiful ways we have of trying to say what can’t be said, of illuminating what can’t be seen. All the ways of discovering and experiencing the timeless essence of who we are through all the things time takes away from us. Loving bravely and fully even though we know it will end some day.

Anyway, enough about me. What about me? That’s why you clicked on this page anyway.

If there is something that can be said it is this: I am here now, through a tremendous journey of unbecoming, through heartbreak and falling and losing and finding. Carving out my place in a world that had no place for me. Creating the things I wish existed. Opening my heart and taking no shit. Disarmed and burned and falling and rising.

I can tell you today I know what is so true in me that it lives through all the rest of it falling down. I just can’t say exactly what it is. But when I look at the sky or the ocean or into the eyes of the beloved, I feel I’ve come close.

All my songs, my writings, my offerings, my ways are arrows pointing toward the beauty I cannot say. And I will point and point and point. Because the beauty is everywhere and it calls me home and home and home.

The Straightforward (ish) Version

Having fallen hard from the good graces of my religious and cultural upbringing, I explored my creativity through some awesome stints as magazine writer, music teacher, and a touring songwriter before I fell deeper still, this time becoming a Nobody.

Whilst being a Nobody, I became engrossed in a rigorous training and initiation in order to learn and understand the deeper processes of alchemy and how they applied to everything I could not explain about whatever the hell was going on with me that seemed to be squeezing me tighter and tighter everyday. For years I was hiding out knee and soul deep in geeky alchemy books and having mystical conversations with the ethers day and night whilst waiting tables to pay my bills.

Soul WorkI was convinced my life was over, but looking back, this is when it all started happening. This is where I started learning to make a way where there was no way, to wake up each morning and put my feet on the ground again even though all my dreams and loves and reasons for living seemed to be giving up on me. I guess you could say, this is where I learned to live the path of my soul.

I even wrote a book about it too.

I am honored our paths have crossed. I am continually amazed, thrilled, and lifted by the work I get to do with other soul makers and creative types along the way.

This is me bringing you my best. Take what works for you and leave the rest. In the words of Baba Ram Dass, “We’re all just walking each other home.”


*Everything here is my own work and is copyrighted as such unless otherwise noted.  I love when you love something I wrote so much you want to share it. Please do so as long as you credit and/or link to me as author.